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Understanding Facebook Insights: Impressions | Business

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Understanding Facebook Insights: Impressions

A 3fold client called recently and asked for my thoughts on Facebook Insights. After answering his question I thought it might be helpful to breakdown the tool for others. My timing couldn’t be better because just as I sat down to write this post, Facebook announced an improvement to their Insights tool. A new feature measures additional metrics around content. It’s an exciting update that I’ll definitely share with you,  but let’s get to that in a second.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with Facebook Insights, the tool is a great feature included on “Like” pages. (Like pages, or fan pages, are typically used for business marketing). I always recommend companies and nonprofits build a Like page because of all the capabilities that come with it, including Insights.

Insights allows the page owner to not only see their total number of fans but also a breakdown on age and location of fans, how many page views they receive, picture views, daily new likes, monthly active user numbers, and daily comments. 3fold provides our clients with a copy of their Insights each month, and we call out important statistics that show either growth or opportunities for improvement. But, even if you’re not a 3fold client you can learn how to do this for your own page. It takes time each month, but it’s certainly worthwhile to better target your audience.

Now, back to today’s added feature- Impression tracking. Here’s what Facebook has to say about a new addition to Insights:

Facebook Pages are a great way for admins to learn about their audience and view Facebook Insights about people connected to your Page. We are launching a new feature for all Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers that will provide additional metrics around your Page content. All Page admins will now be able to see per post impression counts for each story posted on your Page after June 25, 2010. Per post impressions will be collected in raw format and all impressions will be counted toward the impression total. Unique impressions are not available at this time.”

If you click here to Facebook, you’ll see a screen shot that better demonstrates the new feature. Because I manage several Facebook pages, I’ve already seen the tool implemented on some of our client’s pages. For example, I know now that B Street Theatre’s announcement last week about free tickets netted over 2,000 impressions but only .15% of those people left feedback in the form of a comment. That’s okay though- because the impression numbers were quite high. As long as tickets disappeared, and they did, the Facebook post did its job, right?

I am looking forward to seeing how Facebook’s latest update to Insights will help our clients understand which content performs best on their page.  Please leave us a comment with your thoughts on this new tracking tool.


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