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10-year-old girl killed in North Highlands shooting | Crime

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10-year-old girl killed in North Highlands shooting

NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif.- A 10-year-old-girl seemingly safe at home on a Saturday night is dead, and her parents wounded after someone fired shots into their home.

The shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the 6300-block of Channing Drive in North Highlands. Police say they do not know who fired the shots or why.

10-year-old Elvira Campos died at a nearby hospital from gunshot wounds. Her parents were both released from the hospital after being treated for gunshot wounds to the extremities.
"It could have been my house. They could have been mistaken. It could have been the next door neighbors. It could have been anybody," Larry Ellis said.

Ellis lives across the street from the Campos family and heard the shots Saturday night. He says he's used to hearing gunshots in the neighborhood, but never this close.

"I went over to see if I could help, and when I walked in, there was a young girl on the ground bleeding," Ellis said.

"Sometimes people target the gang member as a victim, and sometimes it's enough to target the gang member's residence or possibly other family members," Sacramento Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos said.

Investigators believe at least two shooters stood in the front yard and fired repeatedly into the home, killing the girl and wounding her parents. Another child home during the shooting was uninjured.

Detectives are questioning an adult brother of the victim who lives at the home, but was not there at the time.

"He's not a validated gang member, but there's evidence to suggest that he may be someone who's just not on our radar yet," Ramos said of the adult brother.

Investigators are trying to determine if some sort of conflict with the brother or another family member could have been a motive for the shooting.

"Unfortunately they haven't been terribly forthcoming with information. We fear that there may be more to the story that they know that they're withholding for whatever reason, and the focus has to be on catching whoever is responsible for this," Ramos said.

Investigators are looking into another shooting not far from the Channing Drive homicide to see if the two incidents could be related. The second shooting happened around 10 o'clock Sunday morning at the 4700-block of Oak Hollow Drive.

Sheriff's deputies say two suspects were pounding on the door of an upstairs apartment, and the neighbor below approached the men. That's when one of the suspects pulled a gun and fired multiple shots at the man. Investigators say there's nothing to immediately connect this case with the Channing Dr. homicide, but they are looking for possible links.

"The victim in that case, we know he has connections with a particular criminal street gang, and so we have to at least compare notes on them," Ramos said.

That victim is expected to survive.


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