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Photo Gallery | In honor of a co-worker, an animal lover, a wonderful person and a new-found friend

As a News10 My Neighborhood producer, I often post light-hearted stories about events, restaurants and happenings.  Today I'm inspired to write about a much more serious topic - the passing of a wonderful person, who unfortunately died suddenly and way too young.

Nancy Pinnella was National Regional Account Manager at News10, and was respected for her work, but honestly she was so much more.

I had the great fortune of getting to know her quite well recently, when a group of animal lovers at News10 decided to take some positive action for the life and care of some kittens and cats, who were living in the News10 parking lot. 

I found her to be SO LOVELY! 

She agreed to take on the task of fostering three of the 4-week-old kittens, who for sure would have not made it, if not for Nancy.  Though she hadn't done anything like this before, she took this mission on with such love, care and heart - syringe feeding them, giving them their medicine multiple times a day, teaching them about the litter box, and most of all, showing them love like no one else could.  Unfortunately one of the kitties wasn't strong enough to make it, but the other two, with Nancy's love, got bigger and stronger every day.  Since I had some experience in this arena, Nancy would reach out to me for advice, which I was happy to share with her.  Listening to her, I knew how much she enjoyed it. Honestly she became so enamored with these kitties and their progress, that I loved visiting her regularly just to hear her coo about them.  Ultimately she named them Rascal and Posey and proudly explained to me how she came up with those names and how well they were doing.

When they were old enough to be adopted, Nancy brought them to the City of Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter, who had helped us get our older News10 parking lot cats spayed and neutered and also helped Nancy become a foster mom to these kitties.  This photo gallery shows the day she went to the shelter and got training on how to be a foster mom.  Weeks later when she left the kitten there, so they could be adopted, she worried, as any foster mom would - wanting the best 'forever' homes for them. It was hard to let them go, but she knew it was time. 

Today Rascal and Posey are in their 'forever' homes, alive and well. 

Nancy not only literally saved the lives of these sweet, innocent kittens, but in the process, she enriched my life so much.  Sharing those moments with her meant a lot to me.  She was SUCH A NICE PERSON.  Listening to her always brought me joy. 

Shockingly - Nancy suddenly passed away last Saturday from complications due to the H1N1 flu. 

It's a loss.  It's a loss for News10 and anyone who was fortunate enough to spend any time with her.  It's a loss for the cat community here that she cared so much about.  It's a loss for anyone or any creature who will not  experience the joy of knowing her.  Clearly she made an impact and she will definitely not be forgotten.

Thank you Nancy for making my life richer...