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Photo Gallery | DeVere's Irish Pub, Davis partners with St. Baldrick's Foundation - To Find A Cure! Thank You!

~Dixon Scottish Cultural Association ~ As the piper’s notes announced the marching team members of the Dixon Scottish Cultural Association, the crowd lined in front of de Vere’s Irish Pub, Davis on March 15, 2012, was captivated and there was a sense of great honor in the air as those sitting in chairs, gingerly having heads shaved in solidarity, raising donations for St. Baldrick’s Foundation for the treatment of children’s cancer, had teary eyes as a moment of silence overtook the crowd.  One could feel the unity and commitment to our children’s plight in fighting such diseases as neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, myeloid leukemia.     

“Shear amazingness” was highlighted with those in chairs, in gentle hands provided by volunteers from Supercuts, as heads were shaved.  For many, this was a first time occasion – shavees said “It feels like a weight off,” “I am lighter and it feels great.”  Perhaps it was just the great gift of giving that was enthralling…and when looking into held mirrors to see just how beautiful they were as a shavee, smiles and eyes glistening reflected an internal happiness of being part of such a great cause. 

Many shavees were attending this event with family members, many of whom were in wonderment at their loved one for the commitment made to finding a cure for children’s cancer.  Husbands kissed their wives shaved heads, a mother and her young daughter, Zoe, posed for a photo having had their heads shaved, as both stood in solidarity to find a cure for children’s cancer.  

Moments touched the hearts of all in attendance, from passer-byers who stood in awe, to all the great staff of de Vere’s Irish Pub who escorted those in line into their seats. 

As Supercuts had finished with the last shavee, hair was swept away, all were welcomed into de Vere’s to celebrate donated goals having been met. 

Dixon Scottish Cultural Association’s piper played his pipes as everyone toasted with fabulous ale available at de Vere’s, the staff welcomed all and everyone felt at home, which is the delightful ambience de Vere’s is noted for. 

A special tribute of thanks was given to Henry de Vere White, owner, as he hosted with his well-loved tavern this eve ~ moments that will not be forgotten. 

Jeffrey Roy, team captain of Dixon Scottish Cultural Association, toasted with a special thank you to Henry de Vere White for opening his doors and heart to this great cause and hosting with a staff who were thrilled to serve. 

And, a special salute to DSCA member – Dawn Wise – who insisted in marching with the team and shaved her head while defeating her own cancer. 

Team Dixon Scot’s succeeded in raising over $6,699 (still trickling in…) for this worthy cause and is the top fundraiser because of the community’s heartfelt and generous support. 

De Vere’s Irish Pub, to date, has received $30,294.00 as donations! 

Blessings this eve were bestowed throughout the community of Davis! 


                                                                                            Thank You St. Baldrick's Foundation For All You Do! 

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