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Photo Gallery | Great info shared at the "Street Sense" workshop!


“Street Sense For Women” ~ ‘Choose Not To Be A Victim’ ~ was hosted by Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, (LEC-S) as 50+ women were introduced to defensive moves, both psychologically and physically designed to slow down an attacker and give a woman a better chance at saving her life!

Mandy Autrey, nationally recognized self-defense and firearms expert, certified instructor for the Department of Justice, NRA Firearms and Personal Protection Instructor, Taser Instructor for Civilians and Counter Ambush Trainer, as instructor had this goal:

“Empower you through knowledge and understanding of what goes on emotionally and psychologically during a confrontation.” 

During 4 hours of training, women learned defense moves to use on their attacker, many of the defensive moves taught are the same moves we are using daily in our lives.  

Autrey introduced this concept to the students, – as example, she demonstrated a simple defense move utilized when lifting your arm over your shoulder to access your seatbelt and bring it over your lap to lock it in.  This simple move, in and of itself, is an elbow strike used on your attacker. Strike the person in the face with your elbow in both directions, and just use force and strike as if you mean it!  Coupled with these moves, women learned how powerful their legs are when repetitively “kneeing” their attacker not only in the groin area, but the thigh. 

Chaplain Frank Russell of LEC-S, wearing a protective suit, graciously submitted to receiving these blows as practiced in class.

Each woman was given the opportunity to ward-off Russell, one blow at a time – repetitively, as women were gaining momentum in determination not to succumb to their attacker.  Honing in on the skills Autrey was teaching, gave a great feeling of empowerment to each woman – overcoming a potential ‘freeze response’ to an attacker.

Not only physical moves were taught.  Autrey also covered: Situational Awareness, Verbal De-escalation, Fear Management, Survivor’s Mindset and Simple and Intuitive Tactics.  These were introduced set the stage to enable women to be in the mode of vigilance in their daily lives. 

Each woman high-fived each other as the feeling of empowerment, psychologically and physically were realized. 

This class will be among the many to be hosted by LEC-S, as Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento First Responders aiding victims of all scenarios in Sacramento County is also is in the role of prevention skills such that potential victims may never become that victim! 

Thank you Mandy Autrey and Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento ~ Your goal for today was met!  A life may be saved!

Stay tuned for further classes to be offered! Your life may depend on it!

Contact for future classes: Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento, 916-993-7785, www.sacchaplains.com

Mandy Autrey is an industry expert and offers quality Firearms and Self Defensive training. Contact Mandy Autrey at www.gunlady1911.com