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Photo Gallery | Sobriety CheckPoints ~ Saves Lives!


Why we should be grateful for Sacramento’ s Sobriety Checkpoints!!!

It’s summer and Sacramentans love their summer.  We have our beautiful American River Parkway along our beloved American River as rafters well know!  Folsom Lake swimming, sunbathing and BBQs await us each weekend.  And, always a host of restaurants to appeal to our palates. 

So, why should a Sobriety Checkpoint fit into this summer calendar?

Let’s ask Jill Mason, a young woman who at the age of 26 was hit by a drunk driver, 8 a.m. on an Easter Sunday while riding her bicycle, preparing for a triathlon with her fiancée. 

She lived!  Her fiancée was killed. 

Jill had no idea of what fate awaited her, delivered by an intoxicated attorney ~ you see, this last sip of alcohol meant a last breath of life for one and a life of pain and agony for the survivor. 

Jill suffered a severed spinal cord, brain damage, and a punctured liver.  She will always suffer the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) causing her right side to be very toned (rigid).  She says she has only been left with one good limb on her body. 

“I had most things in my life taken away in a split second:  my wonderful job (Marketing Communications Specialist for an engineering firm)…taken away as the guy who had the key to my heart…”  From Santa Clara University she has a BA in English and an MS in Mass Communications, San Jose State, 2003.  She now suffers memory loss among many other symptoms. 

“My life has been stalled” says Mason. 

Thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration coupled with California Office of Traffic Safety, monies are being made available to conduct these life-saving checkpoints.  Your life!

Be grateful when you are summoned to pull into the checkpoint lane and have officers from the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, and Sacramento Police Departments insure that you, hopefully, will not become one of the nearly 23,000 people killed every year in alcohol-related traffic collisions, nor the 1 American life lost every 22 minutes in an alcohol-related traffic collision. 

In 2012, alone, California lost 774 lives due to alcohol-related crashes. 

Don’t become the next victim in 2013!  Don’t drink and drive. 

California far and away leads the nation in the number of sobriety checkpoints conducted annually.  (2000+).  A statewide survey of California drivers in 2012 showed overwhelmingly, support of sobriety checkpoints, by a rate of almost 90 percent.  (California Office of Traffic Safety)