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Photo Gallery | Eliminating Drunk Driving, "One Step At A Time" MADD Law Enforcement & Community Recognition

MADD California Law Enforcement & Community Recognition Dinner

One Step at a Time

Mark Dandeneau, California State Executive Director MADD California, was honored to welcome 160 Law Enforcement Officers statewide to the 15th annual Statewide Law Enforcement and Community Recognition Dinner held June 1, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency, Sacramento.

This year’s theme was “One Step at a Time,” as Dandeneau quoted a very well-known Chinese proverb:  “To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.” reflecting “One Step at a Time” the stage was lined with 774 pairs of shoes, as in the state of California for 2012, 774 fatalities occurred due to alcohol-related crashes; hence, left behind are 774 pairs of shoes without their owners.
160 officers throughout the state of California were honored this evening for their dedicated efforts to identify and apprehend impaired drivers.  Departments included California Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Departments and Police Departments from Los Angeles County to Redding.

Also recognized were:
Volunteer of the Year ~ Marilyn McMullen
Corporate Citizen Award ~ Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys
Civilian Support Award ~ Patrice Rogers
Department of Motor Vehicles
Media Making a Difference Award ~ KCRA News Channel 7
Prosecutor of the Year ~ Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven
Law Enforcement Agency of the Year ~ Sacramento Police Department

In Honor of the Heroes Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives for the Community. Thank You
Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, CHP 2012
Officer Michael Crain, Riverside Police Department, 2013
Officer Kevin Tonn, Galt Police Department, 2013
Detective Jeremiah MacKay, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, 2013
Officer Gilbert Cortez, Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, 2013
Detective Elizabeth Butler, Santa Cruz Police Department, 2013
Sergeant Loran “Butch” Baker, Santa Cruz Police Department, 2013

Chaplain Frank Russell

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento Guest Speakers
Dr. David Manning, Ph.D.
Regional Administrator
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Chris Cochran
Assistant Director
California Office of Traffic Safety

In Honor
Shauna Cockrum & Jonathan Hunt

Jonathan Hunt, age 15, was accompanied by his mother, Shauna Cockrum, to the steps of the stage in his wheelchair and from there, he was guided on foot to the podium, his mother supporting him from behind with her arms around his waist.  Jonathan had survived a drunk driver vehicular crash, March 2012 as a passenger in a vehicle hit by a drunk driver.  Several surgeries later with a future of more, he spoke to the audience of law enforcement officers.  Jonathan spoke only a few short phrases very slowly which will remain in the hearts of all who heard him and which brought tears to officers ~ “Thank you for saving me, thank you for all you have done, all you do.”    

After Jonathan received a standing ovation from all, he was held from behind by his mother, “one step at a time” as he walked to his wheel chair ~ now a significant part of his life.
The evening ended, but each person in attendance will never forget Jonathan Hunt, nor the commitment made by MADD, the officers who are committed in their careers to ‘Zero Tolerance” for driving under the influence, California Office of Traffic Safety, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and our community members ~ It’s a team succeeding, “One Step at a Time” in insuring public safety.

Thank you from the hearts of us all!