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Photo Gallery | 'Friday Night Hoops' Sponsored by Sheriff's Activities League (SAL)

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Activities League (SAL) was created in 2011. The mission of SAL is to bridge the gap between law enforcement, kids, and the community through sports and instructive activities.   SAL accomplishes this by establishing mentoring relationships with the youth in the communities that they serve.

SAL is a juvenile gang and crime prevention program that relies on athletic and academic activities to develop a bond between law enforcement officers and the youth in our community. The mission is to develop productive citizens, build character and prevent crime.”  It is noted “youth sports programs have contributed significantly to the reduction of juvenile delinquency.”

 You can learn more about SAL by visiting their website:   www.ssdsal.org

On Friday, June 21, 2013 members of the Sheriffs Activities League (SAL) conducted it’s “Friday Night Hoops” program at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento. This program teaches life lessons to young adults by playing basketball with law enforcement officers. Participants ranging from ages 12-18 competed in different events for prizes. The three-point contest winner won a new bike.

All participants at the event received dinner from one of SAL’s sponsors, Chick-fil-A.   

At this event spirits were high, with a great sense of accomplishment as teens worked as a team, and shared pats on the back.

SAL Founder and Executive Director Deputy Cary Trzcinski , along with SAL Deputy Samuel Flores,  high-fived and interacted with all of the youth in attendance. It was such a positive fun filled evening.  

Two of the participants, April Luong, 14, entering the 9th grade at West Campus High School, and Cedric Owens, 18 attending American River College with an academic goal of being a scientist were presented medals for winning in a contest tonight.  The 3-point contest had a grand prize of a bicycle, earned by Todd Bell, 16, Rosemont HS, 10th grade.  Congratulations! 

You see, no matter what home-life holds, how things are going in school, and what teens see on the streets – teens from every walk of life face challenges and need the support of our community to help relieve the stressors they face each day which are enormous.  An evening of shooting hoop, playing baseball or soccer (also offered through SAL), provides an environment they can count on…a place to go, to look forward to, for they are given that community support which lets them know they are cared about.   They all need to know people ‘out there’ are ‘there for them!’

This “Friday Night Hoops” event takes place on the third Friday of the month at the Boys and Girls Club located at 5212 Lemon Hill Avenue, Teichert Branch. The event takes place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It is free of charge.

Thank you Sacramento Sheriff’s Activities League.  We are grateful for all you do! 

All of the programs that SAL offers are free to the youth. If you would like to donate to SAL, please visit their website. www.ssdsal.org


Lisa Ohara, Contributor