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Photo Gallery | The American Heart Association's 22nd Annual Heart Ball


The 22nd Annual Heart Ball…

Donations Save Lives!  A Child Has A Life Because Of Your Generosity!

A little girl was diagnosed with a severe heart condition at 16 weeks gestation. As she was welcomed into the world, there was only a moment to be touched by her mother when she was swept off into the hands of the staff awaiting her, and her journey began with cardiac arrest(s) which shortly followed her birth, major heart surgeries which were performed during the weeks and months that followed and still do await her, and now she has grown into a most beautiful little girl whose eyes shine brightly and indeed, she has a heart of love!

The significance of the donations bestowed upon the American Heart Association is seen as now a little girl who is thriving today, has a life ahead of her that has been paved with the love and hearts of all who are involved with the AHA…~This story is just one of millions ~

The 22nd Annual Heart Ball’s donations and contributions are the foundation paving the way to saving lives! 

The American Heart Association’s 22nd Annual Heart Ball ~A Royal Tradition~ was held March 17, 2012 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. This evening, as promised, was the finest gala event that Sacramento has to offer. Guests participated in silent and live auctions, knowing that each contribution this eve was critical to the success in reaching with great impact the American Heart Association’s commitment to the ongoing support of medical research to win the fight against heart disease and stroke.

During the evening, a sense of purpose ~ dedicated to medical research to win the fight against heart disease and stroke ~ was never forgotten.

Each Bid Makes A Difference

The silent auction displayed elegant items on which to bid. There were impressive pieces of sculpture, fine arts, jewelry that beheld the eye, as guests were served hors d’ourves by gracious and attentive Sheraton Hotel’s fine staff. The silent auction also featured an array of goods and services donated by businesses and individuals throughout Sacramento and beyond.

Silent Auction Donations: $24,831.00

‘The American Heart Ball Live Auction presented a selection of unique and exciting live auction packages, all of which were donated by generous individuals and local supporters of the American Heart Association. Every dollar generated by live auction sales this evening go directly toward fundraising goals. Those goals translate into improved research and education to reduce death and disability caused by heart disease and stroke.’

Live Auction Donations: $17,300.00

As the Sheraton Grand Hotel hosted, local businesses, medical communities, professionals and philanthropists in the mission to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke came together, and enjoyed premiere events for an evening to remember, featuring live entertainment, dancing, a sumptuous dinner and exciting entertainment.

eLife Adventure Organization, a community nonprofit activity network of Sacramento, had participated as Premiere Volunteers for The Heart Ball, 2011, and once again was requested to participate in this year’s 22nd Annual Gala Event. eLife Organization volunteers participated in greeting guests and attending to those perusing the displays of the Silent Auction. Guests were greeted with smiles and open hearts, as eLife Adventure Organization Volunteers felt blessed to have the opportunity to ‘give-back’ to the community, once again.

The evening ended and the spirit of generosity filled the air. We all await the 23rd Annual Heart Ball!


We Thank You, American Heart Association!


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